aged有機棉毛巾系列 Organic Towel Collection_Terracotta

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aged Organic Towel Collection
In collaboration with YU MEI HUANG


aged有機棉毛巾系列與織品藝術家YU MEI HUANG合作。圖像靈感來自窗外的陽光穿透樹叢,將樹影灑在房間。光線的流動和變化凸顯了樹影的細節及紋理,光影不斷交織。


【 台灣在地製作 】



【 有機棉材質 】


|顏色|Terracotta / Moss / Linen

毛浴巾圖示 1



In collaboration with textile artist YU MEI HUANG, this collection draws inspiration from the sunlight filtering through the trees, casting beautiful shadows that dance across the room.

The play of light and its ever-changing flow accentuates the intricate details and textures of the tree shadows, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow.

Indulge in pure body care with aged's organic cotton bath towels. We have carefully selected the finest natural organic cotton fibers to create a towel that offers unparalleled comfort. Our towels are exceptionally soft and highly absorbent, providing a warm and refreshing sensation after every bath. We take a firm stance against harsh chemicals, ensuring that our towels are free from any harmful substances, prioritizing the well-being of your skin and the environment. Let aged's organic cotton bath towels accompany you in every marvelous moment, elevating your bathing experience and infusing purity into every aspect of your life.

【 Made in Taiwan 】
Taiwan was once a major hub in the towel industry, renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and advanced technology. In the realm of towel manufacturing, Taiwanese manufacturers showcase their rich cultural heritage through delicate weaving techniques and exquisite dyeing skills.

When it comes to dyeing, Taiwan towels are celebrated for their outstanding dyeing techniques, imparting vibrant and vivid colors to the towels. There is also a strong emphasis on environmental protection, with the use of eco-friendly dyes and processes during the dyeing stage to ensure product sustainability.

In terms of textile technology, Taiwanese towel manufacturers possess advanced production techniques and specialized knowledge, enabling the creation of high-quality towel fabrics with intricate textures and excellent absorption capabilities. Moreover, they are dedicated to rigorous quality control, ensuring that every piece of towel meets the highest standards of quality.

【 Organic Cotton 】
Our organic cotton is cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides for over three years. It undergoes organic farming practices and is certified by government agencies.

Being produced without the use of chemical substances, our organic cotton minimizes skin irritation and is environmentally friendly. It is particularly suitable for delicate baby skin and is also well-received by adults with sensitive skin.

Material:100% organic cotton(GOTS Certified)
Color:Terracotta / Moss / Linen
Face Towel Size:35x76cm±5%
Bath Towel Size:72x140cm±5%

Wash & Care:
・Wash before use.
・Hand wash or machine wash at max. of 40ºC.
・Tumble dry low at max. of 60ºC.

・Do not bleach.
・Do not iron.
・Do not dry clean.

Note:Due to the natural fiber content, expect some shedding and shrinkage after the first wash.

Crafted in Taiwan